Wearing Irish Campaign



Paco have joined up with the fabulous Margaret Molloy who runs the #WearingIrish Campaign which features Irish designers throughout the month of March.


                We have some fabulous new pieces coming to us over the next few weeks that we cannot wait to share with you!


However if there is anything you would love to share with us then we would love to see you wearing your favorite Paco Clothing! We would love to include our customers in the #WearingIrish campaign during the month of March and share most cherished Paco garments whether they are old or new!


If you would like to join us in the #WearingIrish Campaign then just send us a photo of your favourite Paco piece or better yet send us a picture of you wearing it and tell us the reason you love it so much!


If you would like to take part during March then all you have to do is hashtag #WearingIrish and #PACO when speaking about us on social media and we will share, follow and love our comments!


If you would like to know more about the #WeaingIrish Campaign then just check out this Q&A with Margaret Molloy herself …


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Q&A on what is #WearingIrish